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I'm a chrome polished firefox Internet explorer on a safari where I play with a dolphin. Actually it's a play in a opera .

No seriously, I'm a Zend Framework and PHP Freelancer / Web Developer from Austin Texas (USA) and always on the lookout for a new challenge. I seek problems where solutions are desperately needed.

Thanks to my broad knowledge and experience I can adopt quickly even in complex environments and develop, design and support highly efficient and scalable solutions in multi tier platforms.

I wear many hats

I have been an IT Specialist for more than 14 years. What matters to me most today is Web Development with PHP in OOP and MVC patterns and I have strong skills in the Zend Framework. I have build my own PHP framework and service platform with the Zend Framework.

Golden EyeCode design is what I am really passionate about. Well, just look at my web site. No seriously, look at the code, not the graphics!

Feel free to browse my web site, look at the code and if you like to do some business with me, drop me a line. If you are in Austin Texas even better, lets meet up.

To continue with this brief overview and find out more about my business please read on.

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