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Widgets overhauled

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Adding many little parts is done best with little applications. I call these little applications widgets in my framework.

Bye-bye to static widgets

Until recently they were pretty static. If I wanted to change something it had to be done within the application someplace. Although, the widgets itself have been designed to accept a configuration but storing the settings was missing as well passing on the setting.

Thanks to the overhaul I can now set general settings to the application's configuration. This turns widgets into dynamic and more importantly incredible flexible power tools. The general settings are picked up and passed to the widget and they will do whatever they are design to do according to the settings.

Administration Interface

Managing the configuration is pretty easy with direct access to the application's configuration file—and if you know the correct arguments plus accepted values.

The next step will be an interface in the admin panel so the configuration file can be managed online and not through direct file manipulation. It also takes away the hassle to know the arguments by heart.

Update: Interface complete

The administration interface is now complete and I am doing some final tests which are looking pretty awesome so far. A couple more days and I can roll out the interface into production.

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