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OAQ - Occasionally asked questions

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It is like the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) but they are not asked that frequently. Looking at the keywords statics I sometimes spot some interesting but also peculiar question. For one I am surprised that one of my pages shows up in the search engine but also the question is often unanswered; not only in my page but rarely by others. In hopes that somebody might have the same or a similar question I thought I try to answer some of them.

So, following is the overview of the current articles I wrote about some of questions. Because they pour in daily it might get busy here.

If you like to have something answered the best chance is you put your search into Google and then find my website and click that link. Good luck with, lol! No seriously, if you have a question you can certainly try my contact form and I'll be more than happy to take a look at it and then try to answer it.